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Богослужебные тексты ~ Liturgical Texts

Библиотека святоотеческой литературы ~Library of Patristic Literature


1. Some OCR errors may still be present in these texts. If you note any ‘typographical’ errors, please use the e-mail link below to let me know about them. I will then correct them in the PDF files, and pass the information on to the authors of orthlib.ru for correction in the HIP files.

2. In addition, there are a few places where the conversion program did not accurately reproduce a word written with a titlo; in these cases, I have generally written the word in full, but have used blue letters to indicate that there was an issue. Letters affected by such conversion errors usually appear in the converted text with a purple background; should you find any of these as you look at the texts, please use the e-mail link at the foot of the page to let me know, so that I may correct them.

3. The Typikon signs used to indicate the rank of a service generally were not properly converted and had to be adjusted manually one-by-one; since the color of the signs is significant, I have left them either red or black. If you find any unconverted Typikon signs in the text (^%, $@@), please let me know through the e-mail link below, so that I may make appropriate changes.

4. In the Typikon, and in the Menaia, the sign indicating a comment by Mark the Monk were not properly converted, and had to be adjusted manually. I suspect that a good number of these remain unconverted in the PDF files. Should you find a red, upper-case ‘M’ (M) standing by itself at the beginning of a line, please use the e-mail link below to let me know; please include the name of the file, and a PDF page number, indicated in the small window on the status line.

5. I have not included numbers on the pages in the PDF files. The page numbers in the original liturgical books are indicated in the text, typically by a numeral in parentheses, sometimes Arabic, sometimes Slavonic. A second numeration might well be confusing, and the original page numbers would be desirable in scholarly citation.

6. The cinnabar marks (rubrication) often found in the liturgical books are reproduced in the PDF files derived from HIP files with the appropriate coding. At this point, most of the PDF files do not have these cinnabar marks. Little by little, as the HIP files are updated with this feature, I hope to update the derivative PDF files. In the meantime, PDF files produced on or after 30 March 2006 have extra spacing between paragraphs, to make them easier to read. But be warned: Some paragraphs are several pages long! I did not feel it was appropriate for me to play editor to change the structure of the original documents.

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Date of this document: 8 January 2007.

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   Библиотека святоотеческой литературы
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